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PersonPlanet Leadership
Two-Day Program

Change the world!
BigPictureSmallWorld's two-day PersonPlanet Leadership Program is for people who want to change the world. The program is an intense series of interactive multimedia presentations, individual exercises and explorations, and small group discussions. All are designed to provide you with the perspective, vision, information, tools, experience and power needed to get a fix on your life, determine your unique set of experiences and knowledge, and develop an action plan for leveraging these resources in ways that can make the biggest difference in the world. The work is intense, stimulating, challenging, life-altering, and fun. The rewards will be similar.

During this two-day program participants will develop a mini-“business plan” for the next five years of their life that is designed to provide both profitable employment and to make a significant contribution to making the world a better place. Participants will engage in individual work that leads to clarity about their life’s purpose, their personal goals, gifts, interests, and talents—and how the synergy of these can be developed into something that can change the world.

The program starts off with a BigPictureSmallWorld perspective and vision for the world. For a four-minute preview of this 2-hour presentation, see the BigPictureSmallWorld movie. Interspersed with this presentation will be many personal envisioning, inventorying, and planning sessions that will identify opportunities and the means for making them real.

The following is an outline of a Two-Day Program starting on a Friday evening:
Part One: Friday evening
“There are no more sidelines in today’s world. In fact, there are no more sides.”
1. BigPictureSmallWorld Presentation One— global overview of current global socio-economic and political dynamics in a context of long-term trends, technological developments, and humanity’s function in the Universe.
2. Concurrent with the above will be five personal development tools on which participants will work.

Part Two: Saturday morning
“The world is not dangerous because of what supposed bad people are doing. It is dangerous because of what good people are not doing.”
1. World Changers presentation—examples of individuals from all walks of life who have changed the world—some you have heard of, most of whom you have not. What they did, how they did it, how you can do it.
2. How to Change the World—how the world has been changed in the past, and how you can use these techniques today. The world changing methodology of Buckminster Fuller, and how you can use it.
3. Identification of business opportunities that can make a difference in the world
4. More personal development tools; Personal and group explorations of overlaps between world needs, personal interests and goals, economic opportunities
5. Business/Personal planning process; how to make a difference. Tools, techniques and process.

Part Three: Saturday afternoon
“There are three kinds of people in the world. Those who can count and those who can’t.”
1. What you are going to do—the first draft of where you want to be in five years and how you will get there.
2. Tools and techniques for making your dreams real. Empowering vision with resources that lead to social change.

Part Four: Saturday Evening
“The bigger the picture the clearer it is we are all in this together.”
1. BigPictureSmallWorld Presentation Two—empowered technology and spiritual power; tools for shaping the world and making dreams real; Generalized principles and principles of your life
2. Design Science— problem solving for the world

Part Five: Sunday Morning
“Only the big picture can tell us where we are and where we are heading.”
1. Personal BigPictures—staying on top of creating your future; leadership skills for your century
2. Person Planet Leaders Community—using each other to build the world you want
3. Next steps—making it real in the real world
4. Connections with BigPictureSmallWorld—after the program is the Program