—Making the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time
without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone —

What We Do

PersonPlanet Leadership Programs are for people who want to change the world. They show you how to make a difference with your life and work. They are based on the demonstrative fact that a single individual can change the world, and provide a methodology for doing so. They assume that you would like the world to be a better place— and they provide you the tools and power to make it so.

Have you been looking for a program that makes sense of global complexities and at the same time connects you and your personal growth to making a difference in the real world?

Do you know the world can be a better place and are frustrated that it isn’t?

Are you interested in participating in a program that puts global and local complexities into a context that is both understandable and empowering?

Are you looking for the connection between personal growth, planetary well-being, and an exciting job?

Are you seeking a way of changing the world that really works? Would you like to connect your personal life’s work with the work of making the planet a better place?

Do you want to learn how to make the world come closer to your values and vision of how it should be?

Are you tired of self-development approaches that promise to develop your potential but ignore the world and its problems— or academic approaches that merely talk about the world's problems without offering a viable means for you to participate in the solution of the those problems?

Do you feel like you would like to make a difference in the world while also making a difference in your life?

Are you ready to begin working on making the world a better place?

Backed by the latest scientific research and technological breakthroughs—and based on the author’s decades-long work— the PersonPlanet Leadership Program will inform, inspire, and empower you to make a difference in your life and the world.

Participating in the PersonPlanet Leadership Program will . . .

Help you to see and feel the BigPicture that envelopes us all—and how this BigPicture can be harnessed for your personal betterment and that of the world.

Help you see and understand your values and those of the rest of humanity—and how you can use the energy of what you care about to make a difference.

Help you clarify your life’s work, what you really want to be doing with your life, and give you the impetus to begin it or take it to the next level.

Open up new opportunities, both personal and professional, that lead to meaningful work, integrating your personal values with your life’s work.

Significantly increase your understanding of what is happening in the world and your life, providing insight and inspiration for taking the next step in your personal development.

Provide you with a framework that will allow you to make sense of past, present, and future world affairs in a context of positive empowerment.

Insure a dramatic improvement in your leadership skills.

Person Planet Leadership connects you to the planet and your purpose in ways that will make a real difference—for both you and the planet.

During the PersonPlanet Leadership Program you will learn:

The 12 Laws of BigPictureSmallWorld® problem solving, and see how—

The bigger the picture the smaller the world.

The bigger the picture, the better the leader.

The bigger the picture the more sense things make.

The bigger the picture the more important the history.

The bigger the picture the more things connect.

The bigger the company the bigger the need for the BigPicture.

The bigger the picture the clearer it is we are all in this together.

Only the BigPicture can tell us where we are and where we are heading.

— Connecting You to the Planet—

The PersonPlanet Leadership Program deals with the wonders and challenges of our global predicament and shows us what we can do to shape the world to match our values. The program connects technology, global economics, population, environment, globalization, AIDS, poverty, terrorism, global warming, diversity, and other topics, with personal development and humanity’s role in the world and current events in exciting ways that participants do not forget.

The program involves you in descriptions and explorations of the current realities shaping the world and your personal life, problem solving, analysis, synthesis, envisioning, and opportunity identification. You will come away with a profound understanding of your world and what you can do to participate in making it a better place. PersonPlanet Leadership provides a framework for understanding the world; it helps you see the relevance of your everyday work and your own importance to the world.

"I think all aspiring entrepreneurs should attend this workshop to understand the individual's perspective in the world and its prevailing problems and then design enterprises to solve them. That way, there will be more creation of life supporting wealth to serve humanity."
—participant in the Singapore PersonPlanet Leadership Program

Just what is the PersonPlanet Leadership Program?! Click here for a description of our two-day program!