—Making the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time
without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone —


What participants from previous programs are saying:

"I think all aspiring entrepreneurs should attend this workshop to understand the individual's perspective in the world and its prevailing problems and then design enterprises to solve them. That way, there will be more creation of life supporting wealth to serve humanity."
—participant in the Singapore PersonPlanet Leadership Program

“Connected me with my work in a whole new way. I could see how my business can have a bigger impact."

“Amazing. Gave me a new, bigger view of the world . . . and convinced me what I do is important.”

“Easy to visualize everything because it was related to things right in front of us."

“A wake-up call to the world situation and world improvement; made excellent points without an agenda.”

“Made me realize we need to make a difference now.”

“Really eye-opening… makes you think about the world.”

“It was amazing. The information was totally new to me.”

“An informative presentation about the state of the world in a creative format. The interaction with everyone was great. It was fun, interactive, not like a lecture.”

“Wake up call; it made me feel less idealistic and more realistic and hopeful.”

“Amazing facts that allowed me to look at the world differently. Seeing history visually and hearing the amazing facts . . .”

"Intriguing, very insightful with facts that blow you away.”

“It was surprising to see how such little things can make a big difference. The highlight for me was seeing the real facts and how I can change the world.”

“Startling, interesting . . . eye-opening, and very one of kind experience. It puts things in a very grand perspective, allowing you to deal with new ideas. I wanted more time.”

“. . . added perspective to my place in the world. . . . made me want to change stuff around me.”

“It's all about thinking outside of the box. Made me realize I can actually do something in the world!”

“It was a fun learning experience about the difference that we can make in the world. It was great. EXTREMELY thought provoking, inspiring.”

“I feel more optimistic about the ability of humans to change their situation.”

“Truly visionary and inspiring... I am sure that it causes a positive impact. It's wonderful!”


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