—In a world where everything is interrelated a small change
can have a profound impact —






Why the BigPicture is Important
PersonPlanet Leadership Workshop
Light Paper #6
PersonPlanet Leadership: Working for the Whole

BigPicture Coda


The BigPicture:
Context is more important than content.
Perspective is more important than information.
Truth is more important than the facts.
It's better to ask the right question than to answer the wrong one.

If what you see is what you get,
Then the bigger the picture you see the more you have.
Wealth is in the whole, not the parts.

If a picture is worth a thousand words,
The BigPicture is worth a thousand pictures.
Beauty is context that connects us to the whole.

To understand the BigPicture you have to step back
in order to take a closer look.
Perspective is the mother of discovery.

The BigPicture helps us connect the dots.
More importantly, it helps us make sense of the picture the connected dots make.
Understanding comes from the whole, not the parts

BigPicture thinking helps us navigate from “here” to “there.”
More importantly, it helps us determine if “there” is really where we want to go.
You need to know where you are going to know where you are.

The BigPicture turns limits into opportunities
and constraints into options.
Everything is connected, often in surprising ways.

The BigPicture is needed to think and lead outside the box
and to see our way out of insolvable problems.
Destination is not a place but a process.

Ignoring the BigPicture gives “random” events
(meaning not in your purview)
the power to determine the future.
The BigPicture doesn't eliminate complexity,
it puts it in perspective.
When overwhelmed by complexity, look at the bigger picture.

If ethics is knowledge of interdependence,
then enlarging the scope of our vision, looking to the BigPicture,
helps clarify what “doing the right thing” is.

The BigPicture allows us to see the form in information and the simplicity in complexity;
to see connections, patterns, directions, levels, hierarchies, systems, and flows.
It helps us see that the assumed simplicity of our local system
is much more complex than it first appears.

The BigPicture helps us to laugh and to see the mundane for what it is.
The larger the perspective, the happier you are.

There is always a bigger picture.

(A lot of people have asked for a printed version of the BigPicture Coda. Here it is: BigPicture Coda.)


© 2003 Medard Gabel